Web Services

In this age where the consumers are connected across multiple channels of communication it is pertinent for organizations to plug the gaps being created by the savvy customers. The question is how do we engage with customers with more relevant, personalized and engaging content by looking at customer personas or device based strategies. This forms core of our web service offerings.

Thot Networks creates web experiences that extend our customers' unique brand to the digital world, and manages all aspects of the site to keep it fresh and new. Sites are built in order to responsively adapt to any device, whether desktop or mobile, and work seamlessly with all platforms.

Our Services Portfolio

Campaign Management

 <p>Most story pieces are centered on marketing products or  services that the website is selling or endorsing. The content should help to  educate the reader while providing them with complex information in a way that  is easy to understand and retain. <br />
  Content is drafted in the way so it can entice and engage  visitors so they continue browsing on the website. Generate a keyword and use  in the article. This means the text must contain relevant keywords and phrases  that are most likely to be entered by users in web searches for better search  engine indexing and ranking.<br />
  Expertise in drafting unique, useful and compelling content  on a topic primarily for the readers and not just for the search engines.</p>


 <p>Designing a good website that accommodates a lot of content  is a tricky balancing act to pull off. With start of the 21st century the web  has become more and more integrated into people's lives.<br>

  Web designers use a variety of tools depending on what part  of the production process they are involved in. These tools are updated over  time by newer versions and software but the principles behind them remain the  same.<br />
  Web designer and web developer, who often work closely  together on a website to attract a new audience member who not only understands  your message, but also might just bring a few friends along with them when they  return.</p>


 <p>SEO drive real traffic to your website  to increase leads, customers and revenue. SEO campaigns succeed when your  content is focused on two audiences – <br>
search engine crawlers and human readers.<br /><br>

  SEO without social media no longer  exists. We live in a completely integrated marketing world. Search engines are  looking for queues from social networks like Twitter and Facebook to judge how  popular your content is.<br /><br>
  Team of Certified Professionals  understands your business model thoroughly and strategize an execution plan  which work towards gaining more online reputation for your Brand. We deliver  high end results and top ranks for your business keywords.</p>

Search Engine Optimization

<p>With three compelling formats - search,  display, and video.<br>
 AdWords helps you reach your audience on Google, YouTube,<br>

  and a network of over two million websites and apps.<br /><br>

  With AdWords you will see how many  people are shown your ads,<br> visit your website, or call your business. 
You can  even target specific <br />types of people if your business is specialized.<br /><br>

  Team of Certified Professionals with a  rich experience in a wide array of business verticals ranging from education,  financial services, utilities, real estate, retails and e-commerce. We help you  connect with your target consumers online to get the highest ROI from your PPC  advertising.</p>

Google Adwords

 <p>Print media is composed of newspapers,  community <br>
newsletters, magazines, and other publications. <br /><br>

  Print media is an effective way to  increases public awareness and builds local credibility. Print media reaches a  broad audience of readers on a daily basis.<br /><br>

  An effective marketing campaign works  best when print is used with other media as one element of an integrated  solution. Research has shown that adding print to the advertising media mix  will increase the ROI of the overall campaign.</p>

Print Media